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Improve your Office by Utilizing the Power of Space

Everyone knows that location is essential in business but did you know that your office space can be utilized as another tool in promoting your goals?

Just keep your desk free of paper, organize everything alphabetically and color code and your business will go great. Just kidding because although organization is essential there is so much more to empowering your office space

If you are business owner I would bet that you're very busy so I'll keep these tips simple and time effective.

There are two aspects that most in business can benefit from and that is increasing focus and enhancing inspiration (goals, markets, etc). Of course the goal is that by bringing these two aspects more into each day that you will enhance your bottom line of your business and the way you feel each day.

To improve your focus on tasks at hand:

  • Add a bit of yellow [Yellow has been proven to enhance memory and it's also uplifting. However, be careful because too much yellow in an office can add and/or increase mental strain.
  • Add aromas to help with focus. Add peppermints or lemon to help with extra clarity. These aromas work particularly well after lunchtime and in the late afternoon.
  • Add the metal element (metal, white, circular shapes) to enhance focus. One of my clients needed to focus on what direction he wanted his company to go in so he added more of the metal element to his environment. Specifically, he did this by adding a reflective metal paperweight and adding a bronzer picture frame around his logo.

General Inspiration

Need a little more energy and drive during certain parts of the day?
  • Add a little red. You can do this by adding red flowers, a paperweight, pencil holder or desk tray. [Red energizes and helps sustain levels of activity. However, be careful if your feeling really busy doesn't add too much red as that can increase anxiety and feeling overwhelmed.

Decide what truly inspires you in your business.

  • Within your immediate view, place a picture and/or object that represents your inspiration to succeed such as; family, mentors, desire for more free time and/or something that represents simply desire to be creative and succeed.

Well, these are some basic tips to help you enhance your focus and level of inspiration. These tips are very practical but truly Feng Shui is about tuning into all aspect of your space; colors, lighting, furniture and artwork placement, sounds and aroma. Learn to utilize the power of space to achieve your goals. Numerous fortune 500 companies and variety of small business are doing it. You can too. Feng Shui(ing) is whole and encompassing process; however even small changes can make the world of different. Best wishes in business and life.

Heather Smith is certified Pyramid School Feng Shui Consultant through the Feng Shui Institute of America. She serves on the board of the Feng Shui Institute International and is a faculty member of the FSIA. She has lived in Jackson Wyoming for over 8yrs but has begun to branch out regionally and nationally to teach and consult. Reach Heather at 307-690-5495 or [email protected]



Heather Smith